Molecular Distillation

Distillation is a purification and separation process that utilizes heat energy, which separates compounds according to a boiling point. Distilled vapors are then cooled and condensed in separate containers. There are a variety of distillation types named for specific features, such as steam distillation, fractional distillation and vacuum distillation


Molecular distillation, also called short-path distillation, is particularly useful in isolating components of heat-sensitive liquids or in separating substances with very high boiling points.


Three special features characterize molecular distillation. The mixture is distilled under reduced pressure, as that lowers boiling temperatures. The time is minimized that substances are exposed to heat. The cooling process is speed up.


The following features are found on a sophisticated molecular distillation apparatus: a high-vacuum pump improves vaporization; the distance between its heat source and condenser is kept small; and it employs a motorized wiper to apply a thin film of substance to the heating wall. This means only a small number of molecules are undergoing distillation at any time.

Users with Stability Issues

Short-path distillation is used by research institutions such as universities and pharmaceutical houses when compound heat-sensitivity is an issue.

Users with High-Boiling Applications

The petroleum industry utilizes molecular distillation to isolate high-boiling petroleum fractions such as motor oils


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